Phone Repair

At Mobile Phones Repairs Coventry we repair mobile phone since 1996 and have built a huge base of satisfied individual & corporate clients. We hire the best technicians around. We only use Grade A parts for all repairs. Here we also give all our UK based customers a free postage service. Saving  money on postal fees.

  • Speaker Repairs Broken Screens

    iPod Touch Repairs
    Headphone Repairs
    Express Repair Service
    IPAD Repairs
    Fast Repairs
    LCD Screen Repairs

  • Battery Back Covers

    SIM Reader Repairs
    Camera Repairs
    Charging Repairs
    Phone Repairs
    Iphone Repair Centre
    Liquid Damaged
    Touch Screens
    Housing Replacements
    Display Screen Repairs

  • Iphone Battery

    Battery Repairs
    Earpiece Repairs
    Software Repairs
    Microphone Repairs
    Keypad Replacements
    Trackpad Repairs
    Same Day Service Repairs
    WIFI Repairs
    IPAD Cable Repairs

  • Network Problems

    Loudspeaker Repairs
    Charger Ports
    Keypad Repairs
    Volume Repairs
    Power Button Repairs
    Software Repairs
    USB Port Repairs
    Water Damaged
    MIC Repairs

Phone Repair