OnePlus Repair / OnePlus Screen Replacements

If you’ve recently dropped your OnePlus device Mobile Phone Repairs Coventry can help! We have a team of OnePlus repair specialists standing by to help reverse water damage, fix cracked screens, or replace OnePlus batteries.

At Mobile Phone Repairs Coventry we have seen a number of OnePlus devices come through our doors, with repairs including:

  • OnePlus screen / OnePlus screen replacements (broken screens & display / touch problems)
  • Charging port repair
  • Water damage repair
  • Broken buttons (home, power, volume buttons)
  • Battery replacement
  • Sound issues (earpiece, microphone, loudspeaker)
  • Broken camera (front or rear)

OnePlus phones are quite difficult to repair, but our team of technicians have already seen it all. As OnePlus releases new “flagship killers” we will update our site, but please give us a call if your device isn’t listed – 02476 555 450

So if your OnePlus is no longer touch responsive, has a crack or has been exposed to water. Get our team to diagnose it today!

We also have a no fix, no fee policy, this means, if you send your damaged mobile phone to us and we can not repair it, we will return it and fully refund you. * (* Please see terms and conditions)