iPhone X Screen Repair

  • iPhone X Screen Repair IN COVENTRY, WEST MIDLANDS
  • All types of mobile phones
  • Even though we specialize in iPhone repairs, our repair shop from the heart of Coventry can take care of any type of mobile phone and tablet, regardless of their brand or make.
  • Welcome to iPhone X Screen Repair. Get the best value for your money and top class service from Coventry most reputable Apple gadget repair technicians by getting in touch with us, and let us amaze you an fix your  phone in minimum time.
  • As well as screen repairs we can fix a range of hardware and software issues such as:
  • Damaged batteries
  • Faulty home/power/mute switches
  • Water damage
  • Charging ports
  • Headphone sockets

Popular iPhone models

Popular iPhone Repair

  • screen repair
  • battery replacement
  • loud speaker repair
  • screen replacement
  • microphone repair
  • rear camera repair
  • headphone jack repair
  • rear housing replacement

iPhone Repair Options

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Walk in

Our walk in repair service is when you bring your OnePlus phone to us. We will fix all problems of your OnePlus Phone it in front of you while you wait..

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Call Out

Our technician will come to your work or home to repair your OnePlus phone. We will fix it in front of you in about 40 minutes while you carry on with your day.

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Mail in

Post your OnePlus phone to us. We will repair it on the same day. You’ll receive it back the next day via tracked and insured return delivery.