How To Repair Instagram Crashes On Android And iOS 

How To Repair Instagram Crashes On Android And iOS 

Instagram is a well-known website and app for social networking. This app does more than just let you watch and share jokes and videos. In 2024, Instagram is more than just a way to meet people who like the same things you do. When you post or browse, Instagram can crash. Also, Instagram might need help to get your feed updated. If this is happening to you, read this piece to learn how to fix Instagram crashes on Android and iOS.

Relaunch The Instagram App

If your Instagram app crashes, the easiest way to fix it is to close it and then open it again. This does not mean leaving the home screen. To start Instagram again, remove it from your list of recently used apps and tap on it. Users of Android can also stop apps by force. When you’re done, start it up again and work again. Follow these steps to quit Instagram for good:

  • To find Apps, go to Settings.
  • Choose to manage apps. You can look for Instagram and then tap on it here.
  • Force Stop appears between the options Open and Uninstall. In the small window that comes up, tap it again and choose Force Stop.

That should make the app work again. The only way to close an app on an iPhone is to swipe up from the bottom of the split screen. Open Instagram again.

Check App Updates

Check for an update to the Instagram app to stop it from crashing. If auto-updates are turned off you may need to update your Instagram app occasionally. The app should have worked better. If you get the latest version of Instagram from Google Play or the App Store it might not crash.

Update The Device’s OS

If changing the Instagram app on your Android or iOS phone or tablet does not fix the issue you might need a new version. It is essential to keep your OS up to date.

For Android:

1. Open your Settings app and tap “About Device.” After that, tap it.

2. The current version of OS. If you tap it, your device will check for changes.

On The iPhone:

1. Go to Settings and pick General.

2. Select Software Update. Your iPhone will then check for changes on its own.

Restart Your Device.

It might help if you restart your phone after Instagram crashes. The stored apps are cleared when you restart your phone, which can fix problems. You should restart your phone and open Instagram again. It might fix the bug that makes the Instagram app crash.

App Offload And Clear Cache

Another great way to fix an Instagram crash is to clear your phone’s app files. To make it easy on Android, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your phone.

2. Press the Apps button. Scroll down until you find Instagram in App Management, or look for it by name and tap it.

3. Pick how to use the storage. Check the boxes next to Clear cache and Clear files. To clear the cache, tap. You can now delete files. It will, however, log you out of Instagram, so you’ll need to log in again.

You can’t clear the app cache on an iPhone because this only works on Android phones. Please get rid of or offload Instagram to stop it from falling. So how:

1. Open up your iPhone’s settings.

2. To do this, go to General > iPhone Storage.

3. Choose Instagram from the list of apps.

4. The “Offload” and “Delete App” choices appear.

5. If unloading fails, remove and reinstall it.

I’ll explain the difference between removing an app and dumping it. When you offload, you keep your info but remove the app. You can pick up where you left off when you restart the app because offloading includes your data.

If you delete an app, it and all of its files are gone. Once you delete and restart Instagram, you must sign in, give rights, etc. Both of these ways are great for fixing Instagram crashes.

Look At Your Internet Access

None of the above fixes work because your internet isn’t stable. A quick speed test will help you figure out problems with the internet. If you can connect to the internet, Instagram services might be down. 

Down Detector tells you when Instagram is down. There are a lot of stories about Instagram being down on this page. That’s most likely why Instagram keeps going down. After some time, try again.

Check Device Storage

Every app on your phone saves information in Storage. As you use your app, it adds more data files to its library. These apps will only work if your device has enough space to store information. 

If the Instagram app keeps crashing, your device might need more Space. Your device needs a lot of storage space for app changes to work well. If your device doesn’t have enough room, changing an app can damage its files and make it crash. 

For Instagram to work right on your phone, it needs 150–200 MB of free room. Instagram sometimes needs 1GB of room to run without crashing. Make sure your phone has a lot of room.

Look At Android’s Storage

1. Go to Settings on your Android phone and choose About Device.

2. Look in this area for stores. Click on it to see how much Space is left and which files are being used.

How To Check Your iPhone’s Space

1. Take out your iPhone and go to Settings. Then, choose General.

2. Click on iPhone Storage to open it. On iOS you can see how much room is left on your phone and how much your apps pictures and other things use.

Authorization Needed

When you open an app it may ask for permission to access your devices, storage, video, and other features. You skip rights by accident which makes the app not work. These rights are needed for Instagram to work on both Android and iOS.

You can turn off rights like location if you dont need them. Your device might crash if you turn off storage or video access. So giving the Instagram app all rights might stop it from crashing on Android and iOS.

How To Allow Android Apps

1. Go to Settings, Apps, and App Management on your Android phone.

2. Search or scroll to find Instagram.

3. When you find it, tap it. After that, pick Permissions.

4. Pictures, movies, cameras, contacts, microphones, and other things will appear. Pick each one and make sure Instagram can view it.

5. Tap “Allow” to let the camera, microphone, photos, and videos work.


Instagram crashes on Android and iOS smartphones might be unpleasant, but various solutions exist. Examples include restarting the app, checking for updates, upgrading the device’s operating system, clearing the app cache, unloading or reinstalling the program, verifying internet access and device storage, and confirming the app has permissions. You may fix Instagram issues and improve user experience by following these methods.

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