How To Fix Your Cracked iPhone Screen

How To Fix Your Cracked iPhone Screen

If you hit something made of glass hard enough, it will break. Do not believe what Apple says about their newest iPhone. Tempered sapphire-infused gorilla glass isn’t bulletproof, so if you drop your iPhone hard enough or long enough, you’ll probably see the heartbreaking spider web pattern. But even if your iPhone is broken or cracked, it’s still possible. 

It’s impossible to fix the glass on your iPhone screen, but you could try getting a new one. There are some conditions your iPhone must meet before you can earn a new screen. If the damage is only to the screen, you won’t have to buy a new iPhone. Apple wants you to believe the iPhone is powerful, but it’s not. Some harm can’t be fixed.

Various Types Of Cracks

Cracks come in many kinds and sizes. These things might make your iPhone hard to use, while others are just small changes to its appearance. In what ways does the iPhone screen almost always break?


Even if there’s a scratch on your iPhone screen, most people are okay with it because it’s not broken. Apple did say that the iPhone screen is tough to scratch, though. Even though most are pretty complicated, an iPhone glass screen can get scratched.

Your iPhone could get broken by your car keys. Not at all, no matter how hard you try. Keys need to be made of more robust metal. If you pulled your iPhone over rocks, what would happen? It would help to keep your iPhone from touching the ground, but most rocks won’t hurt the screen.

But watch out for sand. On the Mohs scale, silica is more complicated than the glass on your iPhone screen. Silica makes up most of the sand on the shore of any body of water. Leave your iPhone at home or put it in case you go to the beach with it.

Hairline Cracks

You may have dropped your iPhone from a short distance and been shocked to see a tiny crack in the corner when you looked at it. Most likely, your hands have a small crack.

Most cracks that are only a hair wide are safe, but they might get bigger over time. Don’t mind if it doesn’t hurt anyone else. You can’t do much about it. The only way to fix a small crack in the screen is to get a new one, which most people don’t need.

Partial Or Complete Fractures

It’s not funny when your iPhone breaks. These sharp pieces of glass on the surface of your iPhone make it almost impossible to read. They can also easily cut your fingers. If you use a broken screen often, it will get worse and more dangerous. There will be glass all over the floor when it breaks. 

Your screen will become more sharp as they go, and you’ll cut your finger soon. Some people put tape on their iPhones, but looking at a full-screen alternative and listening to music is better. You’re putting off the obvious and could hurt yourself if you don’t buy a new screen.

Impact Or Puncture Damage

Some screen damage is not caused by a single blow that hits a big area. Something will occasionally hit or poke our iPhone screen, breaking it and damaging a particular area. You should know more about this damage than just the fact that it looks like a break.

The force used to hold the iPhone together when it is hit can hurt the parts inside. If the damage to your processing board is too bad, your iPhone might never work again. You could hurt the lithium-ion battery inside your iPhone if things go badly.

The parts inside the battery could blow up if they come into contact with air. Being hit by something is not only ugly, but it can also be dangerous. Take Cash For Your Used iPhone will give you top bucks for your broken or used iPhone. We will ship your order for free and promise our best price for 14 days.

Fixing A Cracked iPhone Screen: Five Short-Term Fixes And Repair Options

1. Send It To An Apple Authorized Service Provider.

For real, this is the only way to fix your computer. Apple said you could get your phone fixed by making an appointment or scheduling a service that would come to you. You can also mail your iPhone to an Apple Repair Center to get it fixed. It’s also possible to fix things and hold a meeting simultaneously.

2. Ask An Independent Professional

Professional help from third-party companies like Best Buy and UBreakIFix can be found for less money than from an Apple Authorized Help Provider. The bad thing about this is that the guarantee might not work after a third-party service changes something.

3. Easy Screen Replacement

If you want to change the screen on your iPhone on your own, iFixit is a great site to help you. Think about how much it will cost before you decide to do it yourself. The screens on new high-tech phones are costly.

Make sure you read the guarantee on your phone. Someone from the company might still be able to pay for the repair. You’ll also get your deposit back if you fix the screen on your phone. It might cost more than just the screen to bring a new one. You may also need to pay for the tools to fix it.

4. A Screen Guard

A screen cover is better than packing tape because it keeps everything in place. The cracks will be hidden, too, which will make the screen smoother. You can change your iPhone’s screen on your own.

But buying new phone screens and the tools you need to change them can cost a lot. You might be better off paying someone else to do it. If you modify the screen, your phone’s guarantee will be null and void.

5. Packing Tape

Popular Mechanics says the most important thing is to wait until you can get a new iPhone. Now that’s easy. It is best to leave things as they are if you can still use your phone with a cracked screen or until you get an update. Be careful when you put sellotape over the screen, and use an X-Acto knife to cut it to the right size for a clean look.


Seeing a cracked iPhone screen is disappointing, but various solutions exist. Depending on price and comfort level, Apple Authorized Service Providers, independent pros, and DIY screen repair are all options. Screen guards or packing tape may protect the screen until a permanent solution is found. A damaged iPhone screen may be mended with the correct procedure, but the option relies on personal tastes.

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