How To Fix The Green Line On A Smartphone

How To Fix The Green Line On A Smartphone

Many smartphone brands need help with green lines showing up on the screens. It is scary when the screen has a thin green line flickers or a lot of different colors and spots. This problem must be fixed immediately to keep the device running perfectly.

What Causes “Green Line” On A Cell Phone?

When your phone screen has a single thin green line going from the top to the bottom you need to fix whats making it happen. When screens are broken, and there are various colors this problem is generally caused by several internal factors. Here are a few possible reasons why this green line keeps moving

Unstable Display Connector:

With us, the link between the screen and the inside of your phone could loosen. This can happen from regular use or minor collisions, a green line. To fix a problem, one of the most important things to do is to check and tighten the display link.

Display Connector Damage:

The trouble with the green line might be due to damage to the display’s link. Whether from a drop or something else, a broken connection can make the screen not work right. It is essential to look at the connection for damage that can be seen to make a diagnosis.

Putting your phone in water or dropping it from a high place can hurt its internal parts, including the screen. Water damage can cause corrosion, and falls can damage or move things inside. To find the cause, you must know how long these things have been on your phone.

Incompatible App:

Some apps may need to be made to work better with your device, which could lead to issues that make the screen not work right. The two apps can work together if you just installed a new one and saw the green line. Getting rid of or turning off the app is one option.

Configuration Error:

Changing the settings or setups on your phone can sometimes mess up the screen. There may be changes to how the system is set up the settings for the screen or the features that make the system easier to use. Returning to the original settings or reviewing the most recent changes can help you figure out what went wrong and fix it which is what the green line means.

Now that you know about these possible reasons, you can fix the problem in a planned way. Once you understand what caused the green line, you can start putting in place specific answers. You can do this yourself or get help from a professional. Remember that quick recognition is the key to getting your phone screen working again.

Fixing A Green Line On Your Phone Screen

These tips should help you eliminate the green line on your phone’s screen. The link for the screen on your phone may be loose or broken or was damaged by water or a drop. In that case, calling the maker or a trained Android fix tech is best.

Try These Possible Fixes First, Though:

Again, turn your phone off and on. First, turn your phone off and then back on. You should not only turn off the screen but also turn off the phone and start it up again.

Because it wipes your phone clean, this simple fix can fix many problems. This green line might have been caused by a short-term bug in your phone’s software. To fix it, restart your phone.

Turn your phone back on in Safe Mode.

The safe mode on your phone stops all apps except the most important ones from starting up. That is a great way to see if your program is broken. In Safe Mode, if the green line goes away, it means an app, setting, or the OS is to blame.

Remove the latest Apps.

You should get rid of any apps you just got. Get rid of the green line if it is caused by an app that does not work or is unsuitable. This might fix the problem. If you just changed some settings try returning to them.

Fresh phone.

Find out if any new versions of the software run on your phone. The update might fix your Android version if something is wrong with it.

Reset your phone to the original settings.

It would help if you tried this fix again when your phone is fixed. If you don’t choose this, you should avoid it because it will delete all the files and pictures on your phone and then load a new version of Android.

The system reset will fix the green line if a problem with the program causes it. There is a problem with the hardware if the green line stays.

Start with the above tips that won’t hurt you. It would help if you backed up your Android phone first to restart it.

Call the maker for more help. If your phone is still under warranty, the company that manufactured it may either repair or replace it free of charge. If it isn’t, they can tell you how to identify the phone number.‎


It would help if you stuck to a plan to eliminate the green lines on your phone screen. You can bring your gadget back to working at its best by following these steps, which include figuring out what the problem is and how to fix it and getting professional help if needed. If you want to make your phone’s green lines less annoying, you should act quickly.

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