Broken Screens Repairs in Coventry, West Midlands

With our Broken Screens Repairs Services. You don’t need to lose hope when you drop your phone on the sidewalk or in a pool. Also broken screens and water damage are problems we can solve at Mobile Phones Repairs in Coventry.

Broken Screens Repairs Services. Also We can repair almost any Mobile Phone Repairs on the market as well as other mobile devices like iPods™. Also Kindles™. We specialize in Mobile Phone Repair Services for broken screens and water damage.

Broken Screens Repairs Services:

Mobile Phone Repair In Coventry

Mobile Phone Repair In Coventry

IPad Repair

IPad Repair In Coventry

IPad Screen Replacement

IPad Screen Replacement

Battery Replacements We strive to carry every battery you may need in our inventory. Also get a battery replacement at a reasonable price for your iPad™, iPod™, and iPhone™ Same Day Service


We repair most makes and models of Apple devices, including iPads, iPhones, and iPods. Though we also repair HTC, NOKIA , and SONY Devices as well as Tablets. We can fix most glass/digitizers and LEDs as well as LCD Repair. Also please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have!

Our on site specialist can repair your iPhones digitizer and LCD screen iPhone-Repairs plus other models which shops can;t do at all !!

Our specialisation

Based in Coventry we have a walk-in on the spot repair centre with skilled mobile phone repair technicians at hand to fix any mobile phone faults you have. For customers unable to visit us, we offer a postal service with an average 48 – 72 hour turnaround.

We specialise in the following mobile phone repairs:

  • LCD repairs

  • Touch screen repairs

  • Speaker Repairs

  • Microphone repairs

  • Signal repairs

  • Keypad repairs

  • Liquid damage repairs

  • Software faults

  • Charging fault repairs

  • Unlocking and security codes reset

We have a no fix no fee policy for your complete peace of mind – simply put, this means if you are not happy with the estimate, you will not have to pay for any diagnostic work

For More Information On Our Services, Call Us Today On 02476 555 450 / 07947 683 683 or Click the button on Right.