Apple iPhone 8 plus Backlight Fuse Filter IC Repair Service in Coventry

Has your Apple iPhone 8 Plus backlight circuit failed? Is it causing a blank display on the screenDoes the device seem fully operational apart from the display functionality?

The usual symptoms of a faulty backlight ;

The smartphone seems to be fully functional apart from the fact that there is no image on the display

The user has repaired the screen/display on the smartphone and failed to disconnect the battery beforehand

The device has been disassembled and when reassembling the screen has stopped working

The device was dropped or it has been in contact with liquid

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Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Sometimes you may be able to see an extremely dim display one the smartphone if you shine the device’s screen (whist powered and screen is active) in direct sunlight. The backlight issue is usually caused when there is an immediate surge of power in the backlight circuit which is located on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board), also known as the Motherboard or Logic Board. The faulty component can be identified as the fuse, filter, diode, coil or IC.You are happy to know we are also offering backlight fuse filter ic preparing services.  Equipped with the state of art repairing facilities along with the best team of service engineers we are experts to effectively deal and resolve any type of mobile problems including cracked or damaged screens.

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iPhone Repair Options

apple ipad repair centre coventry

Walk in

Our walk in repair service is when you bring your OnePlus phone to us , We will fix all problems of your OnePlus Phone it in front of you while you wait..

iPhone Repairs Coventry

Call Out

Our technician will come to your work or home to repair your OnePlus phone. We will fix it in front of you in about 40 minutes while you carry on with your day.

apple ipad repair centre coventry

Mail in

Post your OnePlus phone to us. We will repair iPhone Repairs Coventry it on the same day. You’ll receive it back the next day via tracked and insured return delivery.