Apple iphone 8 plus home button repair coventry

iPhone 8 Plus Home Button Repairs

With the release of the iPhone 7 came a massive change to one of Apple’s main features—the home button. Instead of including the physical button that we are all accustomed to, Apple replaced it with a sensory-driven button that, when pushed, no longer depresses. Though the feature is undeniably brilliant, with change always comes room for error. If you’re experiencing issues with the home button, consider our suggestions for an iPhone 8 Plus home button repairs.

iPhone 8 Plus Home Button Functions

Though Apple revamped the design of the home button, the basic functions it performs remain the same. You can still:

  • Multitask
  • Unlock your phone using Touch ID
  • Access Siri
  • Access Apple Pay
  • Return to the home screen

Apple’s Taptic Engine powers the new home button. This means that even though you aren’t pushing a button, it can recognize if you are force touching, tapping, or pushing it. These actions can also be customized in your Settings app to respond to specific pressures of your choosing.

iPhone 8 Plus Home Button Not Working?

If you’ve found that your home button is not working properly, don’t go anywhere just visit our Apple iPhone 8 plus Home Button Repairs Coventry. However, you’ll also notice Apple has designed a feature to address the issue. Once your phone detects a malfunction with the home button, it will display a message that says, “The home button may need service.”  After this message is displayed, an on-screen home button will appear for your use as a temporary fix.

Our trained technicians will repair or replace the home button, They will also fully test it and then return your device in excellent working condition.

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